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THE WORLD ASSOCCIATION OF WOMEN JOURNALISTS AND WRITERS (or A.M.M.P.E by its Spanish initial ) was founded in its first world congress held in Mexico City in May 1969. Ms. Gloria Salas de Calderon, a Mexican writer, joined by other renowned women journalists and writers from thirty-six countries declared the birth of AMMPE in that gathering and Calderon was elected as the first International President of AMMPE.
The present International President , Ms. Vicky, Yen-Chiu Lee, a Taiwanese TV anchor woman and presenter of TVBS News Program , was elected on the XIX international congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Novemember, 2010.  She and the Taiwan ( R.O.C.) Chapter of AMMPE will host the XX international congress in Taipei in Novemember , 2012. 
AMMPE's organization:
The International Board of AMMPE formed by members of National Chapters. President of each National Chapter is the designate member of AMMPE's International Board.
AMMPE's Objectives: 
Develop Professional skills of its members through training,   conference and congress.
Promote friendship among communicators of the world.
Support its members with professional opportunities.
Organize journalism contests and exchanges.
Advocate freedom of the press.
AMMPE's meeting:
The International Board meets annually to evaluate proposals from AMMPE chapter members regarding press developments and idea exchanges. The international congress holds biannually to pursue AMMPE objectives and develop friendships among members.
So far nineteen international conferences have taken place in different cities of its member countries:
The venues and topics of each international congress are as follows:
I- In Mexico (1969)
  Evolution of women journalists in the Americas.
II -In Washington and New York (1971)
Drug problems were analyzed.
III -In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (1973)
  Problems of modern society , women's influence in economy and changes in family value.
IV -.In Korea (1977)
  Media influence on children'.
V -In Puerto Rico (1979)
  Confidence in media and how journalists perform to maintain its credibility.
VI -In Cannes, France (1981)
Journalistic ethics and the impact of rumor-reporting.
VII -In Cleveland U.S.A (1983)
  Social and Informational change under new technology application.
VIII- Mexico (1985)
  Aborted because of the earthquake.
IX -In Laval City, Canada (1988)
  The power of written language and the body language in search of human potential.
X- In Guadalajara, Mexico (1991)
  How to protect human ecology through journalistic efforts.
XI- In Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria (1993)
  The positive influence of women journalists in social development and preserving family values.
XII- In Santiago, Chile (1995)
Journalism challenges in face of technological innovations.
XIII- In Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.(1996)
  Media and Feminism in 21st century.
XIV- In Athens ,Greece (1998)
 The Value of Education in 21st century journalism. 
XV- In Acapulco, Mexico (2002)
 Freedom of the press ; Globalization and new technology in everyday's communication.
XVI-In Salamanca, Spain(2004)
 The Power and the Media.- Ethics, Duties and Rights of Communicators.

XVII-In Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. (2006) Media in The Internet Age

XVIII- In Santiago, Chile (2008)
Exchanged views on communications and journalism in the digital age

XIX- In Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010) Towards a new paradigm for communication in the digital age. The challenges of equity

The XX international congress will be held in Taichung, Taiwan, The Republic of China on November 16-19, 2012. The topic will be :  In the Era of So Lo Mo : How Digitalization has changed the Media World & Literary Creation
AMMPE Headquarters:
Today, in its 43th founding anniversary, AMMPE still have 18 active member countries hosting different activities regularly. Mexico is AMMPE's permanent headquarters as well as the site of AMMPE's General Secretariat because of her founding character.

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